The Advent of Magic (AM) was in simplest terms, the first time magic spread through the 4known kingdoms. Many myths and legends surround this time and many more have been lost in the interim. This marks Year 0 for the 4 Kingdoms, which are all of the known world, the border of this is protected by a magical barrier that has been there for longer than people remember.

Before the Advent of Magic the world was filled with separate diverse communities. War was frequent and conquests were temporary. The strong wanderers ruled with blood but were soon cut down. The weak and grounded were ruled by ever changing laws.

Most legends agree that somehow four warriors who were brave and honest men came together and together united the continent. It is believed they made a pact with a god and the day they united and divided the kingdom that somehow returned the magic to the land.

Year 0 was relatively peaceful, but the following 20 years brought dissatisfied fighter and old warlords, going insane in the year of peace. The kings barely managed to suppress these rebels, and by year 50 all seemed peaceful

Year 50 to 100 were spent in peace and the advancement of their world.

However from years 100 to 400 the kingdoms fell into degrading states of political strife among each other, political intrigue, and dishonorable conduct.

Now the King of Fax has died and his youngest son has killed his brothers for the throne. He has hired a mercenary army from another kingdom, and his plots from here are uncertain but a terrifying prospect.


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