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For now, we will be using Skype, as soon as I get a few more players. We will use in the room TrueHeir for rolling. Sessions will try to be approximately an hour and a half and happen once a week, if this works for people ( I am very flexible on this). I am hoping to get a party of 3-6 characters. I am big on role-playing and try to encourage players to do so, 5.0 is very accommodating to this, players who role-play tend to get bonuses on rolls. More info…

Character Creation

We are using Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 (Documentation is here ). Standard characters using any of the resources provided in the documentation and a 5d6 drop the two lowest. I would like it if people did stat rolling with me in, no offense, but munchkins. Read more…


How to Play

D&D 5e is fairly simple in terms of game play, and can be quickly picked up by people who have played D&D before. How to Play


The Game

It is Year 428 AM (Advent of Magic) in the Kingdom of Fax, and King Gyranth has just died. He left 4 sons by his former Queen Lillith, Varen, Murr, Plat, and Clausius, and one bastard son, Grey, by a princess of another kingdom whose family refused him. His 4 sons by Lillith were commanders of the Faxian armies and lived in the castle, the bastard had been banished to a wandering life and had not been seen in many years, some presumed him dead.

The night of King Gyranth’s death, Clausius killed his elder 3 brothers in the temple where they prayed for their father’s soul. He summoned a mercenary army from the northern country of Undar to aid his over throw and keep the nobles too afraid to challenge him.

A year passes. The people are afraid, fear and hysteria spread like a plague. The king taxes the nobles ridiculously and the nobles are forced to squeeze every penny from their people. The country is suffering. However a name is whispered like a breeze of fresh air in a stagnant dungeon, Grey.

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