The campaign takes place in the Kingdom of Fax, a mostly dense forest and plains area with scattered lakes, rivers and mountains along some of the border. A kingdom map is provided in the map section, cities to be added.

The year is measured from the The Advent of Magic, the year that magic first spread across the land. Mystery still surrounds this event and it is forever being further enshrouded by legend. The campaign begins in 429 AM in the 34th day of Airex.

The year is split into 8 segments of 40 days each ( Ryul, Airex, Tyul, Erex, Zyul, Orex, Syul, Urex) roughly similiar to months. Ryul and Airex are similiar to spring, Tyul and Erex to summer, Zyul and Orex to Fall, and Syul and Urex to winter.

The planet has two moons, one larger, Marum, and one smaller, Lumum. Marum runs from East to West always opposite to the sun’s cycle (12 hours above, 12 below horizon) and Marum runs from North to South in cycles above decreasing through Erex then increasing starting from Zyul, being 16 hours on the first and last moment of each year and having a minimum of 8. They change from blue to red over the course of each month.


Draktoa corresponds to the Arcanist.
Saol corresponds to Life Bringer
Eadrom corresponds to the Light Bringer
Sciath corresponds to the Protector
Bas corresponds to the Reaper
Aimsier corresponds to the Storm Caller
Flyst corresponds to the Trickster
Bhi corresponds to the war Bringer


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